Domain Worth


If you are investing in domains, it is important to have a good idea about the value of the domains–just how much is a specific domain worth?

While the appraisal of domains is not an exact science, and there are many variables to consider, there are tools that can be very helpful in developing a general sense about the worth of a domain. In this article we’ll discuss two such tools: and actually bases its results upon, but it has additional enhancements as we’ll see below. and are especially good for dealing with keyword-based domains. These are domains based on terms for which search traffic exists. There is a “typed-in value” associated with these domains, as a certain amount of traffic results from the domain name itself. The higher the traffic, and the more related to buying terms, the better. and evaluate the financial value of the search traffic in order to arrive at an appraisal for the domain name.

The screenshot below shows part of an appraisal did for one of my domains,, which was appraised at $400. A high appraisal is not automatic; try appraising many domains, and you’ll see they they quite often appraise at $0.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 7.59.19 AM offers one free appraisal per day through a guest account, while offers a plan of 20 free daily appraisals for a one-time fee of $20. Use both, and you can receive 21 free appraisals per day.

Information about paid accounts with can be found here. The paid versions range from $29.95/month to $149.95/month and come with extra tools.

Information about paid accounts with can be found here.

Some domains of course are not related to search traffic and yet have inherent worth–for instance, domains that have a high brand potential. In cases such as these, and are not as helpful. So you have to understand the context of your domain in order to interpret the results produced by these two tools.

If you are flipping domains, an appraisal by one of these two tools is a valuable part of the listing in order to demonstrate domain worth to potential buyers.

If you’re looking to find a domain name from scratch that has a traffic-related value, Google’s Keyword Planner tool can be of great assistance. Plug in a related keyword and check out the results for keywords. You can download the results as a spreadsheet. Decide which results have potential as domain names and do a bulk domain search on Godaddy to see which are actually available. Take the best results from the available domains and plug them into or to see which have the greatest value.

The video below presents a summary of these concepts. Please feel free to contact us should you have any comments or questions. We offer terrific discounts on the value of domains and websites for sale–you can check them out here.