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Welcome to, a source of premium domains available for purchase.

Our domains typically have very high appraised value, and yet our sale prices are much lower than the big domain houses.¬†Some of the domains have attached websites, which you’re welcome to have if you’d like–otherwise all sales are for the domains only.

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Domains We’ve Sold

Domain Age Comments Price 1/27/16 Super hot health niche SOLD 2/29/16 appraises at $310! SOLD 7/5/14 appraises at $720! SOLD 12/3/16 Trending topic SOLD 12/30/16 Viral site SOLD 3/30/17 Viral baseball SOLD 12/31/16 Huge content SOLD 9/26/15 (but previous 14-year history) appraises at $130! SOLD 9/22/12 Already set up as an Amazon store! SOLD 8/5/08 appraises at $210! SOLD 1/4/12 4+ year-old aged domain! SOLD 12/28/09 appraises at $100! SOLD 3/28/09 appraises at $70! SOLD 4/3/14 appraises domain at $540! SOLD 12/28/16 Huge selling niche SOLD 8/26/14 (but previous history) Set up as Amazon store SOLD 3/1/14 appraises at $400! SOLD 11/23/16 appraises at $110 SOLD 8/26/14 appraises at $810! SOLD 8/4/13 3+ year-old aged domain SOLD 1/15/16 $300 domain SOLD 6/10/05 Huge monetized blog and 9-year-old domain! SOLD 9/6/14 appraises at $870 SOLD 8/11/15 Amazon affiliate store SOLD 11/23/16 Fully automated SOLD 4/15/17 Hot niche SOLD 4/3/14 appraises at $120 SOLD 2/18/08 6-year-old domain with monetized blog! SOLD 4/13/17 appraises at $720! SOLD 3/12/14 appraises at $740! SOLD 7/19/14 appraises at $640 SOLD 11/30/16 Huge yoga niche SOLD 1/13/16 appraises at $100 SOLD 3/15/08 appraises at $75 and over 6 years old! SOLD 8/16/14 appraises at $750! SOLD 7/19/14 appraises at $750 SOLD 4/28/17 Hot niche! SOLD 2/25/11 Aged domain SOLD 7/3/14 appraises at $970 SOLD 8/31/13 appraises at $580! SOLD 12/30/16 Yoga niche SOLD 12/29/08 appraises at $140 and aged history! SOLD 12/28/16 Amazon store SOLD 8/28/11 Includes monetized website–and domain just by itself appraised at $160! SOLD 4/13/17 Hot niche SOLD 1/13/14 appraises at $800! SOLD 6/1/13 appraises at $110 SOLD 1/15/16 appraises at $65 SOLD 3/8/16 Massive authority article! SOLD 8/4/13 appraises at $680! SOLD Great domain name with business materials ready to go SOLD 8/11/16 appraises at $640 SOLD 12/30/16 Viral celebrity news site SOLD 7/22/04 appraises at $750 and over 12 years old! SOLD 5/8/17 appraises at $170 SOLD 3/10/16 All about shepherd dogs SOLD 3/9/16 Fully automated SOLD 6/26/14 appraises at $940! SOLD 4/21/17 Hot niche! SOLD 11/16/16 appraises at $400 SOLD 4/28/17 $130 domain SOLD 12/23/16 Huge growing niche! SOLD 4/9/16 $1070 in domain value SOLD 9/2/13 Bonus Domain appraises at $730! SOLD 7/16/16 Valuable bonus domains SOLD 10/28/02 Over 12 years old! SOLD 2/23/16 appraises at $830 SOLD 2/4/09 Aged domain SOLD 7/22/16 $1240 in bonuses SOLD 9/16/16 appraises at $320 SOLD 1/15/11 appraises at $1100 SOLD

*Note: If a domain is within 3 months of the renewal date, I will automatically add one year of coverage before transferring the domain to your account.

All domains are held within my Godaddy (or Namecheap) account; upon purchase, I will push the domain to your Godaddy account (unless Namecheap). If you don’t have a Godaddy account, it is free to add one. This way you will have official possession within a day, and you can later transfer it to a different registrar if so desired.

If you would like to contact us about a domain for sale or about our domain buying service, please send an email to:
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